Authors of Papers + Posters

Framing Miami at Twilight (photo courtesy of FIU)

ARCC-EAAE 2022 International Conference
List of Authors, Paper and Poster Titles


Aksamija, Ajla; Faird Mohajer, Mahsa_Thermoelectric Facades Modeling Procedure and Comparative Analysis of Energy Performance in Various Climate Conditions

Al-Haddad, Tristan Farris; Gentry, Russell; Bank, Lawrence; Henao-Barragan, Yulizza_Strategies for Redesigning High Performance FRP Wind Blades as Future Electrical Infrastructure

Alrashed, Ahmed Abdulaziz; Haq, Saif_‘Configurational’ Accessibility of Healthcare Facilities in Dammam, Saudi Arabia: A Space Syntax Study

Altaweli, Rafah; Bhiwapurkar, Pravin_The Multi-level impacts of the Physical Environment on Childbirth Experience: A Critical Literature Review

Amirazar, Armin; Azarbayjani, Mona; Molavi, Maziyar_Evaluating the Circadian-Effectiveness of Light

Ashrafi, Roshanak; Azarbayjani, Mona; Tabkhi, Hamed_Machine Learning-Based Automated Thermal Comfort Prediction: Integration of Low-Cost Thermal and Visual Cameras for Higher Accuracy

Bapat, Ketki; Im, Ok-Kyun; Wu, Chengde; Kim, Kyoung-Hee_An Air-Depolluting System for Indoor VOC Reduction

Bahnasy, Ebtehal_The Role of Architecture in Addressing Social Equity in Response to Covid-19

Baweja, Vandana; Russano, Sonny_Miami Solarium (1928) to the Sun Ray Health Resort: From a Hotel-Sanatorium to Hotel-Health-Resort-Spa

Bay, Ezgi; Martinez-Molina, Antonio_The Impact of Efficient Natural Ventilation on the Indoor Environmental Air Quality: The Case of a Social Housing in Turkey

Brisotto, Carla; Carney, Jeffrey Andrew_Co-design strategies to achieve trust in Urban Resilient Living Lab: A systematic Literature Review

Carver, Dwaine_Precedent and Influence: An Urban Design Studio Project

Chamel, Olivier; Dahlgruen, Bernd; Lescop, Laurent_Rooftop Additions: An Alternative Model of Urban Growth

Clouse, Carey; Brause, Caryn_Spatial Appropriation During the Pandemic: Analysis of Two Parallel Cases

Collin, Sydney; Passe, Ulrike; Gao, Boshun_Building a Workflow to Model a Green Façade in a Graphical User Interface for EnergyPlus

Contin, Antonella; Galiulo, Valentina; Sánchez Fuentes, Domingo_Metropolitan Cartography An Inventive Practice Tool for Caring Metropolitan Landscapes

Couzens, Dustin; Sinclair, Brian Robert; Klumper, Ben_Rebellion, Robotics, and a Radical Reboot Emergent Processes in Turbulent Times

Cronin, Elizabeth Marie_Spatializing the Body: Feminist Practice as Architectural Research

Crosson, Courtney_Adaptive Streets Increasing Social and Ecological Resilience Along A Cross-city Bicycle Boulevard

Daniels-Akunekwe, Chika Chioma; Sinclair, Brian Robert_Through the Eyes of The Public The Promotion of Social Rental Housing (SRH) as a Focal Point in Addressing Housing Resilience

Diarte, Julio C; Vazquez, Elena M_Exploring Low-cost Acoustic Panels with Origami Patterns for Classrooms

Dong, Jiaying; Battisto, Dina_Disparities in Green Space Accessibility and Health Outcomes in Urban Areas for Different Racial and Income Groups: A Case Study of California

Elvin, George_Geohome Affordable, Resilient Housing Prototype

Elzeyadi, Ihab_Resilient Sites: Mapping K-12 Schools’ Context Biophilic and Energy Performance

Emami, Niloufar_Employing Topology Optimization for Establishing Design Variability in Precast Façade Panels

Emami, Niloufar_Establishing Performance-based Design Variability for Precast Panels in Building Envelopes

Fitzsimons, J. Kent; Gerbeaud, Fanny_Whose Heritage, Whose Investment, Whose Sustainability? Multi-actor Dynamics Around Green Space in Late-Modernist Residential Developments (Bordeaux, France)

Foroutan Jahromi, Forough; Carney, Jeffrey Andrew_Advanced Modular Housing Design for Highly Efficient, Affordable, and Resilient Post-Disaster Housing

Gamble, Sarah_Walking as Engagement

Garcia-Rubio, Ruben; Green, Ryan; Vela, Sonsoles_Nature-Based and Hybrid Infrastructures to Build Resilient Cities through the Rivers: Two Case Studies in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ghiasi, Sedigheh; Passe, Ulrike; Zhou, Yuyu_An Interactive GIS-based Method to Map Feasible Roof Areas for PV Panels

Golshany, Nasrin; Elzeyadi, Ihab_Exploring the Impacts of Human-Centric Lighting Spatial Patterns on Elderly Residents mood and preference – An Architectural Content Analysis

Gopalakrishnan, Srilalitha_Evaluation of Spatial Performance in Vertically Integrated Developments Using a Network Science-Based Approach

Graiz, Eiman Mohammad; Van De Riet, Keith_Building Surface Thermal Modulation: Applying Biomimicry and CNC Technologies for Creating Textured Building Façades

Gruen, J. Philip_Discrimination and Design: Equity, Justice, and Architectural Education

Guzowski, Mary Margaret_Integrating Biophilic, Net-Positive, and Resilient Design A Framework for Architectural Education

Hadighi, Mahyar_Configurable Resiliency: Generating Sustainable Designs in Historic Neighborhoods

Hall, Nicole; Hosseini-Mozari, Milad_Reimagining Growth: Cross Analysis of Environmental and Social Data Between Shifting Populations

Halstead, Tiara; McIntire, Russell_Trends and Correlates of Neighborhood Park Access in Philadelphia

Houghton, Adele; Castillo-Salgado, Carlos_Architectural Epidemiology: Introducing a Transdisciplinary Field of Study and Practice Using Real Estate as a Mechanism for Epidemiological Interventions on Climate Change & Chronic Disease

Hu, Ming_Beyond Operational Energy Efficiency: A Balanced Sustainability Index from a Life Cycle Consideration

Hu, Ming_Existing Multifamily Building Stock Energy Use and Building Code Comparison Between the United States and Finland

Hu, Xiao_Creating the “Foreign” Place through “Windows”: Shifting Urban Forms in Seattle’s Chinatown

Idris, Abdou; Mohamed, Assabo_Evaluation of the Bioclimatic Building Performance in Hot Climate

Imai, Nate Shigeo_Building with Air The Internet of Things (IoT) as a Pedagogical Tool for Design-Build Education

Imam, Salah; Sinclair, Brian Robert._Uncertainty, Complexity + Changing Conditions A Cohesive Frame to Advance Agility in the Built Environment

Kaprielian, Gabriel_Design for Change Climate Centered Pedagogy in the Architecture Studio

Kio, Patricia Njideka; Ali, Ahmed Kamal_Mapping of Research Lines on Circular Economy Practices in Cities: From Waste to Infrastructure

Kuhns, Alyssa; Kim, Jeff_Modular Makeup: Reconsidering Modularity of Gypsum Wallboard

Leach, Neil_Minimal Residency Doctoral Education

Lewis, Olivia Vander Poel; La Roche, Pablo; Hutchison, Joey-Michelle; Ponce, Arianne_Understanding Efficient Mitigation Strategies for Los Angeles’ Heat Islands using OLS Regression Analysis

Li, Xiaowei; Battisto, Dina_Exploring the Walkability in a Hospital-Anchored Neighborhood A Case Study of Emory University Hospital Midtown Campus

Lopez Barrera, Silvina; Thompson, Diego_Housing Insecurity and Latinx Community Resilience in Small Towns in Mississippi

Mantzou, Polyxeni; Floros, Anastasios_MODE_Bios a Bioclimatic, Adaptive, Urban Design Tool

Martinez, Andrea Soledad; Rivera, María Isabel; Arriagada, Pablo_Informing Early-Stage Building Energy Retrofit for Prototypical Public Schools in Chile

Mazhar, Naveed; Dall’Ara, Enrica; Sinclair, Brian Robert_Exploring the Role of Human Perception A Comparative Analysis of Human Thermal Comfort and Urban Design Parameters

McCormick, Elizabeth L.; Rider, Traci R._Modernity and Human Health: The Connection to Outdoor Air

Meghdari, Nima_Creating a Building for the Purpose of Helping Youths: An Instrumental Qualitative Case Study

Meshkani, Taraneh_The Public and the Technocratic Smart City

Meshkani, Taraneh_The Unreachable Rivers and the Informalities of Medellín and Beirut

Molina, Victor Hugo_From Cold War to Global Warming Dilemma’s in Retrofitting the Modernist University Campus in Latin America

Montelli. Ph.D., Raffaella; Kyropoulou, Mili_Impact of Climate Change in Houston TX: Resilient Residential Buildings and Equitable Design

Moroseos, Teresa Fotini; Burpee, Heather; Meek, Christopher_Efficacy of External Shading Devices and Natural Ventilation during Extreme Heat for a Seattle Multi-family Apartment Unit

Mueller, Stephen_Mapping Blindspots in Urban Atmospheric Pollution Assessment in the US-Mexico Borderland

Myung, Junyoung, Lee, Taegyu, Choi, Jungyum_Approaches to Affordable Housing Design Using VAE and Space Syntax Case Studies from Los Angeles

Ng, Tsz Yan; McGee, Wes_Topology + Timber

O’Geen, Charles Joseph; Harris, Catherine Page_Fabric Formed Poured Earth: Using Urban Site Soils in Fabric to Eliminate Portland Cement

Ogoli, David Mwale_Observations of Thermal Comfort Conditions in Two Schools in Southern California and Nairobi, Kenya

Park, Jinoh; Yoon, Yeobeom; Kim, Byungsoo_A Systematic Literature Review of Ph.D. in Design Dissertations: A Case Study at North Carolina State University

Parlac, Vera_Resilience at the Water’s Edge

Payenhofer, Christina; Ashayeri, Mehdi_Towards Alternative Live-Work Development: An Integrated Design Approach

Read, Gray; Bogosian, Biayna; Vassigh, Shahin_Rethinking Doctoral Education in Architecture: a new program at FIU

Read, Gray_ Drawing Memories: Mapping as Part of Oral History

Rider, Traci Rose; Lanteigne, Victoria A.; Hipp, Aaron; McDonald, Rosa; Baker, Kia_Exploring Health Equity and the Built Environment through the Social Determinants of Health

Robinson, Julia; Champeau, Brandon; Ford, Jamil; Griffin, Timothy; Spann, Cathy_Neighborhood Design with Community Engagement

Rossi-Mastracci, Jessica_Water, Fire, Land, Air: Investigating Land-based Infrastructures

Salkhi khasraghi, Gisou_Built Environment and Walking Behavior: A Systematic Review on Campus Walkability Assessments

Santus, Kevin_Nature-based Solutions and Circular Economy Structuring a Long-Term Project for a Climate Resilient Design

Scheuermann, Daniela; Martinez Arias, Andrea Soledad; Rivera, María Isabel_A Proposed Evaluation Tool for the Resiliency of Post-disaster Housing: A Case Study of a Post-Earthquake and Tsunami Social Housing Development in the Coast of Southern Chile

Sehgal, Hitakshi_The Neighborhood Accessibility Framework A Methodological Instrument to Assess Neighborhood-Level Determinants That Affect the Health of Urban Residents

Shall, Scott Gerald_Viral Resiliency: Reconstructing Extra-Legal Settlements Through Dialogical Practices

Sherbakova, Larisa; Thomas, Shalya; Grace, Amanda; Binmahfooz, Basma_Inclusive Pedagogies in Theory Sequence Courses

Sinclair, B; Furlan, R_Critical Explorations of Architecture Education Cross-Cultural Considerations of the Double-Edged Sword of Professional Competency and Global Citizenship

Singh, Manan; Sharston, Ryan_Evaluation of Net Zero Energy Buildings for Climate Resilience in Southeast U.S.

Spellman, Nina; Laboy, Michelle_Data Dissonance: An Exploration of Community Knowledge of Extreme Temperature Vulnerabilities

Spiegelhalter, Thomas_Climate Resilient Urban Nexus Choices for Carbon Positive and SynBio City Scenarios from 2018 to 2100

Stach, Edgar; Esposito, Michael_Design Principles for Museum Daylight Systems Based On Nine Built Examples From Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Stach, Edgar; Koch, Summer_Social Scorecard: A Comprehensive Social Health Analysis Tool

Steinfeld, Edward; Thibodeaux, Adam; Gabriel Klaiman, Shira_Public Restrooms A Site of Cultural Conflict

Stevens, Summer; Nawari, Nawari; Volk, Michael_Walking Towards a Sustainable Future for Urban Design

Taher, Mania Tahsina_Domestic Spaces in the COVID-2019 Pandemic Times Perspective of Six Female Architecture Students from the Midwest USA

Tariq, Tasneem; Poerschke, Ute; Iulo, Lisa Domenica_Urban Heat Island Phenomena in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Valzania, Giacomo_Intercultural Suburbs: The Urban Design Alternatives of International Immigrants in Toronto’s Modern Landscapes

Verzella, Elena_Water Resilience. Mapping and Active Borders as Instruments for Climate-Resilient Waterfront Design Strategies

Wong, Daniel Kin Heng; Chin, Wei Chien Benny; Bouffanais, Roland; Schroepfer, Thomas_Connect or Adapt Analytic Framework for the Planning and Design of Resilient Spatial Networks

Wong, Daniel Kin Heng; Hablani, Chirag; Schroepfer, Thomas_Visual Data-Based Spatial Analysis of Built Environments

Wong, Peter_Indeterminate Space

Wu, Chengde; Thaddeus, David; Scaccia, Danielle_Enabling Structural Resolution in Architectural Design Studio Using Karamba3D

Zekos, Erika_Critical Pedagogy and Public Interest Design: Transforming Architecture Design Education for Social Justice


Andia, Alfredo_Bio-Cities: Synthetic Biology and Architecture in Coastal Communities

Andrzejewski, Elizabeth; Shaffer, Marcus; Obonyo, Esther_Equitable Access to Building Construction Through Advancements in Open and Global Building Machine Technology

Baweja, Vandana; Gurevitch, Sarah_The Postwar Economy House in 1940s Florida

Cerro, Camilo_The Future of Food Production: Urban Farming Towards Food Self-Sufficiency

Chin, Andrew_The ACP Project: Focus Groups, Interviews + Ethnographic Research

Codarin, Sara; Daubmann, Karl_VR Gestural Modeling to Recapture the Human Body in Design

Codarin, Sara; Daubmann, Karl; Kutil, Emily; Dean, Kristen_Building in the Digital Transformation: Translations from Design to Technological-enabled Demountable Building

Dickey, Rachel; Radnia, Noushin_Deployable Pod: A Case Study of Applied Transformable Design Research

El Khafif, Mona; Engle, Darcy_Amphibian Typologies And The Urban Imaginary

El Khafif, Mona; Fard, Ali_Re-Commissioning Land. Spatial And Temporal Urban Strategies For Coastal Territories

Erdman, Jori Ann; Troxler, Tiffany_Striving for a Common Goal: Coastal Resilience through Interdisciplinary Design

Esmaeili, Nooshin; Sinclair, Dr. Brian R._ Considering Health + Wellness Beyond Convention: Spirituality, Space and the Critical Case of Sufism

Fang, Yuan; Fan, Le_Sensitivity Analysis and Multi-Objective Optimization of Skylight Design in the Early Design Stage

Fasano, Carl; Buie, Bryan_Community-Adaptable Mobile Health Care Facility

Frisone, Caterina_The Role Of Architecture In The Therapeutic Environment. The Case Of The Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre

Garcia Holguera, Mercedes_Biomaterials: Explorations around Bacterial Cellulose

Garrison, Michael_Austin, Texas: A Study in Gentrification and The Need for Affordable and Resource Efficient Housing

Griffen, Craig S_The Side-Yard House Model: Creating Green and Resilient Communities

Harnish, Chris; Gadama, Luis; Fabiano, Zayithwa; Gannon, Meghan; Holston, Kayla; Catrambone, Stephanie_Assessing Architectural Design Factors of Maternity Ward that Influence Quality of Health Care and Patient Outcomes at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi

Hennebury, Deirdre; Cirino, Fernando_Urban Design Mitigations: Considering COVID-19’s Impact on Public Space

Jones, Aaron M_Web Model Dot Space: Embody the Archive

Jones, Aaron M_Shine A Light: People + Plant Conservatory

Jones, Kristin_The Scalability of Urban Agriculture: Chicago Case Studies

Kaprielian, Gabriel_Postcards from the Future: Climate Fiction as Architecture Pedagogy

Liu, Xiaoyun_The Renewal Design of Dong Timber Dwelling Based on Tas Software: The Case Study of Gaobu

Liu, Xun; Tian, Runjia_RIVERGAN: Fluvial Landforms Generation Based on Physical Simulations and Generative Adversarial Network

Melnyk, Virginia_TENSEGRITY KNIT HELIX TOWER Light Weight Deployable Structure

Miranda Feltrin, Camila; Dias da Fonseca, Maria Teresa_The strange sources of Brazil’s modern architecture: The Neocolonial style in the Centennial Exposition (1922)

Morcillo Pallares, Ana; Rule, Jonathan_ Deploy 2.0

Pokol, Júlia_Towards a Zero Waste University Campus

Riahi, Pari; Thurber, Fey; DeWitt, Erica; Quinteros, Cami; Boersma, Pieter; Carleton, Adrian; Sarvghad, Ali; Modarres-Sadeghi, Yahya_Experiencing the Vortex

Robinson, Julia W._ Design for Youth: Research in the Design Studio

Shah, Nadia_Revisiting Modernist Mass-Housing: Residents as Active Agents of Change

Sinclair, Brian Robert_Rights, Sagacity + The Devil’s Crop: Provocations in an Ethos of Design, Dissolution + Disarray

Sinclair, Brian Robert_Indigeneity, Imagination, Equity + Design: Ethical Space and Complementary Ways of Knowing

Spiegelhalter, Thomas_Carbon-Positive, and Synthetic Biological Architecture Imaginations for Miami Greater Islands 2021 -2100

Srikanth, Anjanaa Devi; Hablani, Chirag; Chin, Benny; Schroepfer, Thomas_Complexity Science-based Analysis Of Sustainable Integrated Urban Districts

Tricarico Orosco, Ana_The Alternating Dock

Vance, Ulysses_Modeling Healthfulness

Williams, Robert_Accessory Carbon Units

Yui, Leonard_Personalizing Climate Change: Measuring and Adapting Sea Level Rise Perceptions