April 12-15, 2023  I  DALLAS  I  Hosted by Texas Tech University

Conference Co-Chairs: Saif Haq and Zahra Safaverdi.


ARCC will offer three (3) panel discussions during the Conference. The plenaries are intended to provide the conference with a platform on which a distinguished group of experts discuss topics relevant to the conference theme.

Thursday. April 13th 1:00-2:30 pm – Plaza A

Design Research Interactions: Lessons from Practice

In this session one researcher and one architect from three large firms (HKS, GENSLER and EYP) will team-present their work. They will discuss the methods they use to collaborate, the pitfalls they negotiate and the benefits their partnership brings to the firm and to their clients.

Friday, April 14th 3:00-4:30 pm – Plaza A

Toward a Culture of Material Engagement in Architecture

For this panel discussion, we intend to gather individuals who their multi-faceted work addresses design-research projects at the intersection of architecture academy and practice. These panelists will highlight their workflow, and/or a particular project and elaborate how their focus on the evolving notion of materiality, material culture, and politics of representation would bring together the design and research under the same umbrella within the architecture discipline

Saturday, April 15th 10:30-12:00 n – Plaza A

Research in Architectural Academic Settings: Challenges and Opportunities

A panel discussion with invited Associate Deans of Research examines academia’s role in inculcating the culture of research in architecture programs in the US. The panelists will share their experiences, envisioning modern curricula and frameworks to merge design-based pedagogy with the empirical and theoretical streams of investigation. The panel will discuss emerging research fields to respond to challenges such as climate change, social and economic societal inequities, responding to communicable diseases, and adapting to future modes of practice.
The discussants will present the challenges and opportunities facing architecture program administration and explore approaches and solutions with the audience. The objective is to help the architecture field and its allied disciplines develop a clear path for research in architecture academia through faculty development and the creation of modern curricula to prepare students for an ever-changing and exciting future.

ARCC 2023 International Conference
Wednesday-Saturday, April 12-15, 2023

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