ARCC Mid-Career Research Impact Award

Nominations for the 2021 Mid-Career Research Impact Award Due: October 15, 2020

The ARCC Mid-Career Research Impact Award celebrates the accomplishments of scholars in the mid-stages of their research careers. This award is intended to acknowledge and reward mid-career faculty in architectural research that demonstrates substantive evidence and impact through original contributions, rigorous methods, innovative outcomes, successful dissemination, significance and distinction.

ARCC defines ‘architectural research’ broadly and inclusively across a range of domains in support of advancing knowledge of the built environment.

One nomination per year is invited from each ARCC member institution. Criteria for selection of nominee will be at the discretion of the member school. Nominees must hold a full-time tenured appointment at the rank of Associate Professor at the nominating institution. The ARCC Board of Directors will render final decision on the conferral of the award.

Nominations shall be submitted to ARCC Awards Committee Chair, Professor Ming Hu.

Information included in the Nomination submission for the ARCC Mid-Career Research Impact Award:

  • Date submitted:
  • Nominee contact information: name, professorial rank, phone, e-mail
  • Nominee’s current curriculum vitae: with focus upon research, scholarship, creative endeavor
  • Nominator contact information: name, title, phone, email
  • Nomination letter: original on official letterhead from Dean or Department Head of the nominee’s institution (including confirmation of current rank and tenured status as of the nomination deadline)
  • Two letters of support: from colleagues at ARCC member institutions who are subject matter experts, focused on the nominee’s accomplishments and research significance and impact
  • A statement describing the nominee’s contribution and impact: significance of the research, including innovative use of evidence and methodological approach, sources of dissemination, impact, and how it expands the body of knowledge in architectural research (1000 words maximum).
  • Confirmation of good standing of ARCC institution membership: to be verified by the ARCC Treasurer prior to consideration.

Send electronic submission to Professor Ming Hu.
(Please submit in electronic form using “.pdf” file format.)