Annual Research Conference ‘Best Paper Award’

Awarded to the author or authors judged to have prepared and presented the best paper for the ARCC Annual Research Conference. Selection is made by the ARCC Executive Board based upon a review of the written paper and a critique of the paper presentation.

2014 Recipient (Hawaii)

Ozayr Saloojee & Vincent DeBrito, University of Minnesota
“Visible and invisible infrastructures: alternative futures in resiliency, failure and design pedagogy”

2013 Recipient (Charlotte)

Ursula Emery McClure & Bradley Cantrell, Louisiana State University
“Fort Proctor: a Conditional Preservation”

2011 Recipient (Detroit)

Michael Gibson, Kansas State University
“Integrating geometry and light: daylight solutions through performance-based algorithms”

2010 Recipient (Washington, D.C.)

Leonard R. Bachman, University of Houston
“The Teaching of Research and the Research on Teaching: Two Frameworks and Their Overlay in Architectural Education”

2009 Recipient (San Antonio)

Leonard R. Bachman, University of Houston
“Thoughts toward a clinical database of architecture: evidence, complexity, and impact”

2008 Recipients (Copenhagen)

Michelangelo Sabatino, University of Houston
“From Blueprint to Digital Model: The Information age, Archives and the Future of Architectural History”

Zoltan Bun, University of Technology and Economics, Budapest
“Between Analogue and Digital Diagrams”

2007 Recipient (Eugene)

Benjamin Gianni, Carleton University
“Phantom Housing: The Rise and Fall of Public Housing in North America”

2006 Recipients (Philadelphia)

Harry Giles and Kyoung-Hee Kim, University of Michigan
“Transparent Facade panel Typologies Based on Recyclable Polymer Materials”

Claus Peder Pedersen and Henrik, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
“Ceci n’est pas une pipe. The architectural drawing between representation and function”

2005 Recipient (Jackson)

Franca Trubiano, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Material Matters: Seeking Collaborations Between the Building Industry and Innovative Architectural Practices”

2004 Recipients (Dublin)

Fatih Rifki, Evrim Demir, and Orcun Kepez, North Carolina State University
“An Evaluation of Continuity in a Pedestrian Environment at North Carolina State University Centennial Campus”

Ann Heylighen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Humberto Cavallin and W. Mike Martin, University of California–Berkeley
“The Student, the Architect, His Intern and Her Knowledge”

2003 Recipients (Tempe)

Alfredo Fernandez-Gonzalez, Ball State University — Best Paper
“How Small is Too Small? Investigating the Use of Scaled Prototypes to Research Thermal Comfort in Buildings”

Michael O’Brien, Virginia Tech University — Honorable Mention
“Roots of American Sustainable Cities: An Analysis of ‘As-designed’ and ‘As Built’ Conditions in John Nolen’s American Garden City”

Andreas Savvides, Harvard Design School — Honorable Mention
“Regenerating Urban Land: Urban Design Considerations in the Joint Development of Transportation Corridors”

2002 Recipients (Montreal)

Scott Gowans and John Graham, University of Dundee
“Poetic Narrative Language Syntax and Design Practice”

Guy Newsham and Jennifer Veitch, National Research Council Canada;
Helge Seetzen and Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia; Ayi Chaudhuri, McGill University
“Lighting Quality Evaluations Using Images on a High Dynamic Range Display”

2001 Recipients

Jodi Naderi, Texas A&M University — Best Paper Award
“Transportation + Street Trees: Effect of the Urban Design Industry’s Roadside Landscape Improvement Standards on Driver and Pedestrian Performance”

Shahin Vassigh, SUNY Buffalo — Best Presentation Award
“Teaching Statics and Strength of Materials Using Digital Technology”

2000 Recipients

Veronica Soebarto, University of Adelaide
“Environmentally Sensitive Design: Between Theory and Practice”

Ann Heylighen and Herman Neuckermans, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
“Design(ing) Knowledge in Architecture”

1999 Recipients

Stephen Duff, University of Oregon
“New Directions in Seismic Design for Timber Frame Structures”

1998 Recipients

Stéphane Hanrot, Ecole d’architecture de Saint Etienne
“Enseignement de projet et initiation à la recherche: quelle relation?”

Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco and Nancy Holland, Texas A&M University
“Reciprocal Distance Education in International Design and Construction Studios”

1997 Recipients

Pauline Morin, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Ciceronian Texts and Alberti’s De re aedificatoria”

1996 Recipients

Iver Wahl, University of Oklahoma
“Vertical Rebound Theory as Applied to the Kobe Earthquake”