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Mark DeKay – Integrated Sustainable Design

Hamilton, M. (2011). Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives, by Mark DeKay [book review]. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 6(3), 137-148. Readers of Integral Sustainable Design are invited through a series of gates into an atrium of design studios each purposefully framed by integrally reflective questions. We wonder about the meaning of the structures we glimpse, and … Continue reading Mark DeKay – Integrated Sustainable Design

New Publication: Integral Sustainable Design by Mark DeKay

Integral Sustainable Design: transformative perspectives by Mark DeKay (Earthscan/Routledge 2011) This is an important, timely and significant book. It brings Integral Theory to design in a simple but profound way. –Ken Wilber, author, The Integral Vision, the world’s most published and translated living philosopher Integral Sustainable Design has been for me the single most important book … Continue reading New Publication: Integral Sustainable Design by Mark DeKay

2011 Best Paper Award

The best paper for the 2011 ARCC Architectural Research Conference was awarded to Michael D. Gibson of Kansas State University for his paper “Integrating geometry and light: daylight solutions through performance-based algorithms“. The full paper is available here. ABSTRACT: Designing spaces for daylight is a complex problem for architects, balancing geometry with the location of daylight sources. … Continue reading 2011 Best Paper Award