Climate Action Guide for Practice: Request for Proposal

Plum Island, MA (photo: DL Ryan, Boston Globe via Getty) 

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) calls on architects around the world to support humanity’s collective call to climate action through an unrelenting commitment to sustainable and resilient design. This applies both to the buildings we design as well as to the way we practice. We are looking to create a concise and easily actionable guide on how architects can run a practice that addresses climate mitigation and adaptation. This guide should give agency all AIA members to forge their own paths on how to transform their architectural practices to create a holistically sustainable and resilient built environment. This tool should meet members where they are and have actionable measures for all firms, regardless of their size or location, to implement.

This guide will be a companion piece to the AIA Framework for Design Excellence and toolkit which guides architects as to design better projects. How can this framework apply toward how we architectural practice as well? This guide should transform practice the way the framework is to transform the built environment.

For more info, click here: Climate Action Practice Guide RFP 20.09.17.