Miami is a major center of culture, arts, commerce and international trade. There is an abundance of colorful diverse neighborhoods, landscapes, buildings and beaches. ARCC-EAAE 2022 is pleased to recommend the following tours during your stay in Miami. Further info on registration is forthcoming.

Art Deco Walking Tour (120 min.)
10am from Essex House or 5pm from Wolfsonian Museum
The guide will lead you through a wide range of Art Deco buildings in South Beach, including a historical narrative on the origins of Art Deco architecture from Europe to the U.S. and South Beach, the early the pioneers and the unlikely influences and heroes.

Little Havana Walking Tour (120 min.)
10am or 2pm from Bay of Pigs Monument
The walking tour begins with the history of Cuban exiles arriving in Miami before reaching Calle Ocho where you will visit a marketplace typical of the Caribbean, a cigar factory for cigar rolling, the oldest bar in Little Havana (1935), and the famous Domino Park.

Everglades National Park Tour (60 min.)
Hourly between 9am-4pm
Explore Everglades National Park by airboat and see alligators and other creatures in their wetlands preserve and natural habitat.