Drexel University Research Report

Dr. Mark Brack, delivered two papers in October on his research regarding hermitages erected in 18th-century picturesque gardens. One lecture was in Toronto, Canada, at the Society of Utopian Studies and the other was given to the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians at the University of Georgia in Athens.

Nicole Koltick, is the director of the newly formed Design Futures Lab, a Master’s Interior Architecture + Design thesis research group in critical design practices and speculative proposals relating to objects, interiors and environments. The lab currently has 7 students in residence for the year. The approach of the lab is trans-disciplinary and involves collaborations with architects, biologists, engineers, computer scientists and interaction designers in exploring design futures scenarios. The integration of new developments in these fields translated into potential objects and environments suggests a new model of interdisciplinary design
research and collaboration.

Nicole Koltick, had an essay entitled Entropic Ecologies: a Prosthetic Approach published in Volume Magazine, issue #31 Guilty Landscapes.