EAAE-ARCC 2014 Conference: University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Architecture

Beyond Architecture: Making New Connections and Intersections
EAAE-ARCC 2014 International Architectural Research Conference

Dates: February 12-15, 2014
Location: University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Architecture

Our increased awareness of the multiplicity of deep and broad connections between mental, physical and metaphysical constructs leads us to rethink the autonomy and insularity of disciplinary structures.

Considering that the formation, naming, development, and institutionalization of disciplines have, and have had, pragmatic, political and instrumental purposes, it now appears that such applications are also limiting in a world demanding more interconnectivities and transactions.

We need to investigate: Why is a new transformed structure of thinking and practice emerging now? What forms should a restructured knowledge and praxis take in the re-disciplining of architecture? What benefits might arise from such new constellations of thought and action? What might we lose, or forget? What is the impact for the future profession and body of architecture?


1. Re-Disciplining: The Rise, Fall, and Reformation of the Disciplines.
History, Theory, Historiography, and Futures Studies

2. Structures of Intersections: Reorientations of Identities and Alliances.
Global, Local, Geographic, Ethnic, and Disciplinary

3. Methods: Agents of Change in Changing Paradigms.
Scientific, Technological, Strategic, Intuitive, and Pragmatic

4. Ends: The Distopia in Utopia and the Final Cause.
Forces, Causality, Ideology, Values, Myth

5. Scramble:
Knowing, Structuring, Configuring, Processing, Assembling, Consuming

More information forthcoming at archawai’i website www.arch.hawaii.edu