EDRA49 Oklahoma City: June 6-9, 2018

Join ERDA June 6-9, 2018, for the 2018 EDRA49 Annual Conference in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Walk along the streets of Oklahoma City, home to an attractive variety of historic buildings: eye-catching religious buildings, and magnificent structures of great architectural and historic significance.

What is Social Equity?

What is social equity? And how do EDRA members promote social equity through their daily engagement with built environment research and practice? Community Shares of Cincinnati defines it as making sure everyone has equal access to community resources and opportunities such as housing, medical treatment, education, policing and transportation.

A simple way to assess social equity in our communities and institutions is to ask these three questions:

  • Is there fairness and equal treatment?
  • Is there equal distribution of resources to reduce inequalities?
  • Are we creating equal opportunity through targeted initiatives, programs or services?

EDRA49 invites researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge of and best practices for promoting greater social equity in our world today and in the future. We welcome submissions in all environmental design research and practice areas. As you plan your submission, please consider the following tracks, which represent critical areas of focus among many EDRA members. We welcome a diverse range of perspectives from the environmental design fields and their allied professions.

For more information, see the ERDA website.