King Medal 2011-12 Recipients

ARCC Member Institution Student Name: Project Title:
American University of Sharjah CHAM K. ENBASHI Re.Form.atting the Hinterland: Time Machine Prison
Arizona State University* KURTIS J. D’ANGELO Ground Modification Techniques to Improve Thermal Performance of Buried Ground Heat Exchangers in Ground Coupled Heat Pump Systems
Auburn University QIAN DENG Open Systems Design in Landscape Architecture
Ball State University* MICHELA CUPELLO Healthcare Facility Design for Flexibility
Catholic University of America MATTHEW THOMAS VARGAS Retrofitting Landscape
CERES-Ball State University WES STABS EP|3C Design Process: Optimizing Energy Performance with Climate, Context and Client
Curtin University KIM VALAS Capturing the Ephemeral in Passage: A Cinematic Means of Understanding Place
Florida A&M TROY WILLIAMS Reinforcing Social Interaction: A Mixed Use Development in Tallahassee Florida
Foundacion de Diego Sagreda FRANCISCO JAVIER CARABANO RODRIGUEZ Arquitectura Popular y de la Arquitectura Vernacula
Drexel University JOSHUA T. LESSARD Transient Typologies
Georgia Institute of Technology YEONSOOK HEO Bayesian Calibration of Building Energy Models for Retrofit Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Howard University* JAMEL WILLIAMS Orthos
Illinois Institute of Technology MAHSA NICKNAM Performance Based Generative Design Approach for Long Span Roof Structures: Multi-Objective Optimization, Toward the Integration of Energy and Structure
Judson University JASON CHERRY Monitoring of the Harm A Weber Academic Center
Kansas State University LYNDSEE JOHNSON Pediatric Palliative Care House
Kent State University PRIYANKA RATHI Optimization of Energy Efficient Windows in Office Buildings for Different Climate Zones of the United States
Lawrence Tech. University* OZLEM DEMIR Sustainable Urbanism Methodology for Postindustrial Districts in North American Cities
Louisiana State University MICHAEL JOHNSON Architectural Boundaries Informed by Environmental Models
McGill University LEILA MARIE FARAH Food Paths, Architecture and Urban Form: A Case Study
Mississippi State University SCOTT PENMAN Rural Sustainability
Montana State University ERIN CHAMBERLIN Freedom Housing: Design Thinking for Nairobi Kenya
North Carolina State University JAMES G. GRADY A Simulation Tool Utilizing Parametric Primitives for Climate Based Dynamic Daylighting and Energy Analysis
Norwich University* MELISSA JENSEN Sustainability and World Expositions after World War II
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute BESS KRIETEMEYER Dynamic Design Framework for Mediated Bioresponsive Building Envelopes
Ryerson University MICHAEL LANCTOT Indices of Force
Temple University* BRENDA MARGOLIS Dynamic Dwelling: The Active Potential of Flexible Housing in an Evolving Urban Condition
Texas A&M* PASQUALE DE PAOLO A Question of Method: Architecttura Razionale and the XV Milan Triennale of 1973
The Pennsylvania State University MOONDEEP PRADHANANGA Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster + Case of Hamer Center for Community Design
Virginia Polytechic University KONGKUN CHAROENVISAL A Prototype BIM Integrated Decision Support Structure for Green Roof Selection and Design
University at Buffalo ROBERT B. GARLOW Thermal Interrelation: Investigations into Bi-Material Lamination
University of Calgary* RICHARD COTTER Liminal Landscapes
University of Hawaii at Manoa DAVID YEN Japanese Timber Frame Methodology Alternative Solutions to Hawaii’s Built Environment
University of Idaho RONALD C. POLINTAN MI: Modular Intelligence
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champ. ALBERT OCHSNER Air-Frame and Power Plant Instructional Facility: Parkland Community College
University of Kansas* JULIE WILLIAMS LAWLESS Social, Psychological and Physical Structures of a Temporary Living Environment: Creating Sense of Home
University of Manitoba YOSHIHIRO YABE Urban Fragmentation in Winnipeg
University of Maryland LOUISE PARLIN MEYER The Promise of Small Cities: Connecting Urban Residents with the Environment and Their Community in Portland, Maine
University of Memphis MARIO WALKER Memphis Art Park Project | Design-Build Sharecropper House | Playable 10 Art Design Competition
University of Minnesota* MOLLY EAGEN 100 Days Without Oil: A Story of the Lessons Learned From Attempting to Live in a Resource Balance
University of Missouri TILANKA CHANDRASEKERA Digital Orthographic Projections in Architectural Representation: Augmented Reality Based Learning
University of Nebraska LINCOLN MICHAEL HARPSTER The Ontological Performance of Sustainable Design
Universtiy of Nevada-Las Vegas FLORIN IULIAN COSTACHE Cooling Performance of a Wet Roofpond System in Las Vegas Nevada
University of New Mexico KIHEI MAYER Town and Site Analysis of Crownpoint
University of North Carolina-Charlotte WYNN BUZZELL The Pervasive Pattern: A Biomimetic Design Method
University of Oklahoma ANNA B. PRICE The Effects of Tom Pendergast’s Political Machine on Kansas City
University of Oregon EMILY MCGLOHN A Comparative Study of Climate Based Design of Building Enclosure
University of South Florida BRIAN WEST Finessing the Fire
University of Southern California SHIH-HSIN EVE LIN Building Information Modeling
Uinivesity of Tennessee VALERIE FRIEDMANN Ecorevelatory Landscape: Phenomenological Design of Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge
University of Toronto MATTHEW SPREMULLI Land Management Tribes: New Species of Symbiotic Architectures for the Great Plains
University of Utah RYAN BUNDY Research into Laminated Timber – Integrated Technology and Architecture Center
University of Waterloo MARIANNA DE COLA 80 Fathoms Deep
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SAHAR SADAT HOSSEINI BALAJADEH Re-Imagining the Past: Staging Authentic memory in Tehran’s Ferdowsi Square