Knowing (by) Designing Conference at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven, Ghen-Brussels, Belgium

May 22-23, 2013

The focus of the conference is on the specific type of knowledge (and research) in creative practices. While papers have already been selected, registration will open in a couple of days.

Research in creative disciplines reaches far beyond the conventional understanding of what knowledge is and what it is meant for. Practicing arts, design, music or architecture, when conducted reflectively, naturally involves types of knowing that, unlike in exact sciences, are based on individual, subjective interpretation of the context within which the designer/artist works. As such, the critical reflection of the artist on his/her own practice makes it more coherent, better, influential, unique. At the same time worthwhile chef-d’oeuvres, works of art, designs essentially extend and enrich our understanding of the world.

The conference “Knowing (by) Designing” strives to explore the developments in research evolved around creative practices – specifically focusing on architecture, design, arts and music. It is the third conference in the cycle starting with “The Unthinkable Doctorate” in 2005 and successfully followed by the“Communicating (by) Design” in 2009 at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Brussels.

The 2013 event will aim to investigate ways in which creative processes and activities develop all possible aspects of knowing.