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RCR Arquitectes Awarded 2017 Pritzker Prize

2017 Pritzker Laureate PhotoRCR Arquitectes of Spain have been selected as the 2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates. Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta are the first to share the prize three ways, as well as including the third ever female recipient.

Founded in 1988 in Olot, Spain, RCR Arquitectes reached early success with a 1989 lighthouse competition. Since then, the firm has continued to recieve recognition and awards, but kept a low international profile. RCR Arquitectes is known for their attention to immateriality and the interactions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Since the award of the prize, many commentators have lauded the Pritzker’s shift away from ‘starchitects’ and towards a more grounded view of the practice.

According to the Prize sponsor, “The jury has selected three architects who have been working collaboratively for nearly three decades. Mr. Aranda, Ms. Pigem and Mr. Vilalta have had an impact on the discipline far beyond their immediate area. Their works range from public and private spaces to cultural venues and educational institutions, and their ability to intensely relate the environment specific to each site is a testament to their process and deep integrity.”

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