Symposium: Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality

Nature and the Ordinary: Sacred Foundations of Architecture, Culture and Spirituality

(7th Annual Symposium of the Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality)
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, USA. Symposium Date:  
June 18-21, 2015
Submissions Deadline: January 19, 2015

The Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality invites participation in its Seventh Annual Symposium. ACS 7 will take place in the serene setting of the vast and inspiring New Mexico desert in the southwest of the United States. We selected this remarkable place to invite us to contemplate and live the theme of the symposium: “Nature and the Ordinary: Sacred Foundations of Architecture, Culture and Spirituality.”Although the symposium will focus on landscape and culture in the context of the ‘quotidian,’ we will consider submissions addressing other issues related to ACS and include them in at least one open session during ACS7. These sessions will provide a forum to present what is currently being studied, discussed, practiced, or taught in the area of architecture, culture and spirituality

As in previous ACS meetings, the symposium will be structured around several subtopics focusing on various aspects of the general theme, and the number of attendees will be kept small on purpose to secure an atmosphere conducive to personal connections and in-depth dialogue. Optional meditation will be offered each morning and there will be some free time for connecting to oneself, other people and the surroundings.


500 to 1000 words long proposalsfor either the Open or Symposium Topic Sessionswill be peer-reviewed by at least three ACS scholars/professionals. The deadline is January 19th, 2015.

For more details and information, visit: or email ACS7 symposium co-chair Julio Bermudez at: