TallWood Design Institute, School of Architecture & Environment at Oregon

District Office, Portland, OR
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TallWood Design Institute
Iain Macdonald, Director, College of Forestry, Oregon State University
Judith Sheine, Director of Design, School of Architecture & Environment, University of Oregon

TallWood Design Institute (TDI) is an industry-academic collaboration that unites practitioners with faculty from top U.S. engineering, sustainable architectural design and wood science programs to advance research and education on mass timber and other state-of-the-art wood building solutions. TDI has access to an unrivaled breadth of expertise within its three affiliated colleges: the College of Design at the University of Oregon and the College of Forestry and College of Engineering at Oregon State. About 30 research professors and their students and technical staff are engaged in research directly supported by TDI and many more projects relevant to our mission are being carried out by affiliated researchers utilizing other funding.

Through collaboration with different funding agencies, including major support from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), TDI oversees an interdisciplinary program of applied research focusing on advanced timber products and building systems. The strategic plan for this research is evolving and is based on partnerships and widespread consultation with stakeholders in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, construction and real estate development.

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