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RESILIENT CITY: Physical, Social, and Economic Perspectives
March 2-5, 2022   I   MIAMI   I   Hosted by Florida International University

Conference Co-Chairs: Marilys Nepomechie and Shahin Vassigh


> Conference Site: ARCC-EAAE 2022 will take place at the Paul L. Cejas (PCA) School of Architecture Building at Florida International University (FIU), designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects, completed in 2003. The heart of the conference will take place in the central courtyard, a communal space designed “to activate and promote discussions and interactions that extend beyond the classrooms and studios.”

> Conference Address: PCA School of Architecture at FIU
1025 SW 112th Ave, Miami, FL 33174

> Parking on Campus: Parking will be available in Parking Garage 6 (PG6) for $3/day. Please enter vehicle license number “here”. Once entered, no need to enter it again during the conference at FIU. Be sure to park “head in only” in faculty/staff or student parking in PG6.

> Arriving by Uber or Lyft: Enter campus at the SW 8th Street + SW 112 Ave entrance, and drop off directly at PCA.

> Campus Map

Host: Florida International University (FIU)

Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture, Bernard Tschumi Architects (2003)

School of International + Public Affairs, Arquitectonica (2010)

Chapman Graduate School of Business, KPF + BEA Architects (2007)

Student Academic Success Center, Gould Evans (2018)

Stempel College of Public Health + Social Work, Perkins & Will (2014)

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ARCC-EAAE 2022 International Conference
Wednesday-Saturday, March 2-5, 2022