Member Benefits

Digital Research Fabrication Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology

Services the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) provides its members include:

  • Research referral and advice through the ARCC President and Board.
  • ARCC News and Reports. The ARCC Website welcomes member institutions to submit notices, reports or other forms of promotion and dissemination. This allows member institutions to promote their research programs, projects and faculty in addition to informing the ARCC community of upcoming conference, award and journal calls. The website reaches a large audience of active architectural researchers.
  • One international research conference per year. Odd years are conferences hosted by an ARCC member institution on subjects of widespread interest to members. Even years are joint conferences with the European Association of Architectural Education (EAAE).
  • Access to the ARCC awards program. Only members of the ARCC are eligible to be nominated for any of the funded or prestige based awards in the program. Awards include the New Researcher, the King Medal, the Research Incentive Fund, the Best Paper and the Haecker Distinguished Leadership Award.
  • Annual meetings, held in conjunction with ARCC’s Annual Conference, provide opportunities for faculty to learn about research infrastructure, networks and funding. Annual award recipients are also publicly recognized.
  • Periodic fact sheets.
  • Consultations for researchers, center directors, and academic administrators on issues related to research and development programs.
  • Continuing advocacy for related organizations and agencies.
  • Sponsorship of focus sessions at conferences of collateral organizations (e.g. ACSA, AIA, EAAE).
  • Networking with colleagues through the ARCC Website and digital communication outlets.