ARCC 2023 Research Conference Announcement

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre (2009), Dallas, TX by REX + OMA

Hosted by the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University in collaboration with the Design Leadership Alliance (DLA)

Conference Chair: Saif Haq, Texas Tech University
Conference Location: Dallas, TX > April 12-15, 2023

Full paper deadline extended to November 30, 2022

Over the past two decades, architectural practice has been called on to be more ‘responsible’. This is perhaps due to global realities such as climate changes, social disparities, health inequalities, etc. on one hand, and emerging technology such as digital modeling, 3D printing, robotics, and so on, on the other that offer precise design and analysis opportunities. These conditions call for a radical transformation in design thinking where the ability to interact with technical knowledge and scientific evidence becomes necessary. As research becomes accepted as an integral part of design practice, the relationships between research results and practice applications – indeed that between researchers and designers — become paramount. While considerable attention has been given to the research component, the needs of the change agent – the designer– have been less adequately addressed.

ARCC 2023 seeks to focus on the intersection — the ‘sharp edge’ where research and design intersect and hope to create a set of ideas regarding the ‘research-design interaction’, the middle and often misunderstood ground between the mindsets of the researcher and the designer.

More info forthcoming!