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ARCC 2017 in Salt Lake City

Join us at ARCC 2017 in Salt Lake City, June 14-17, 2017.  The conference theme is the architecture of complexity.  The conference will provide a venue for the dissemination and exchange of research knowledge on architecture as design, systems, society and environmental networks.  The conference will ask questions and begin to answer the why, what, … Continue reading ARCC 2017 in Salt Lake City

ARCC 2017 Conference

Architecture of Complexity: design, systems, society and environment June 14-17, 2017  I  Salt Lake City  I  University of Utah Co-chairs:  Ryan E. Smith, Keith Diaz Moore, Wei Zhao Architecture is contextually contingent.  Once the social, economic, and environmental networks and systems that presuppose architecture become a fundamental context for design, then the capability and culpabilities … Continue reading ARCC 2017 Conference