2011 Incentive Fund Award – Minor Award

Lawrence Tech’s makeLab was awarded the $1200 minor Incentive Fund award to disseminate the knowledge of digital fabrication processes to the architecture community. The focus of this push to transfer knowledge closes a critical gap between theoretical aspects of digital fabrications and vocational techniques.


The collegiate level suffers from the absence of how-to publications. If the typical architecture student wants to profile cut or slip cast for a project, there is no definitive source for how to start such an endeavor. They have to conduct their own research along with trial and error methods to become acquainted with the digital fabrication equipment and processes. In order to make material digital fabrication processes more readily available to not only students but the entire architecture community, makeLab proposed the expansion of the lab’s blog to include “how-to” sections processes. These sections will focus on easily replicable digital fabrication processes for reference material. The information included will be a balance between design theory and vocational information presented at the collegiate level.


  • Disseminate knowledge of digital fabrication processes to those who are not fulltime architectural researchers
  • Free online transfer of knowledge to others in the architecture community
  • The makeLab blog has hundreds of followers of architecture from around the world and frequented by the fabrication community to disseminate knowledge. Therefore, the ARCC’s involvement with the makeLab blog will give the ARCC an expanded platform.
  • ARCC will be given credit in the makeLab blog for its funding
  • Facilitator will work with the ARCC board to link the existing ARCC site directly to makeLab’s blog