Call for Research Projects to be Presented at ARCC-EAAE 2022 in Miami

Mangroves, Oleta River-Miami (photo credit: J Campbell-Ingellis)

ARCC-EAAE 2022 invites submissions of research projects from faculty, practitioners, designers, researchers and students that advance the discussion on resilience and the resilient city across a wide range of domains within the built environment. Research may have been conducted as part of ones professional activity, dissertation, master’s thesis or design-research studio. Focus is on methodological procedures (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods, from observational analysis to case study to spatial design and more).

Requirements for the submission of research projects is a single research poster (24″x36″ portrait, 10mb max), inclusive of a title, abstract (300-words max.), conference track session and visual information describing the research, with emphasis on method and outcomes:  ARCC-EAAE 2022 Research Poster Template. Please do not include author(s) name at the time of initial submission.

Accepted research projects will be on display at the conference and authors will have the opportunity to present their work at ARCC-EAAE 2022 in Miami; abstracts of research projects will be published in the Conference Proceedings and disseminated on ARCC’s website.

Submission deadline for Research Projects is Monday, December 20, 2021 (11:59pm PST).

For more info, click here.