Gehry Archive Goes to Getty

The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles has procured the early archives of Frank O. Gehry.  To date, Gehry has executed approximately 160 projects. He has been featured in four major museum retrospectives and countless smaller exhibitions, and he is the subject of considerable scholarly attention and innumerable publications. Acquired directly from Gehry’s studio in Los Angeles, the archive encompasses all aspects of his professional practice from the period of his graduate studies to the 1988 competition entry for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the success of which marked Gehry’s entrée into a global architectural elite. The collection comprises approximately 120,000 working drawings, more than 1,000 sketches, 280 partial and complete models, project documentation, correspondence, more than 100,000 slides, and ephemera related to projects from the early years of the architect’s practice. The materials pertain to 283 projects designed between 1954 and 1988, including some initiated during this period but completed after 1988.