Ph.D. Symposium: Divergence in Architectural Research at Georgia Tech

Divergence in Architectural Research is an international doctoral symposium organized by the ConCave Ph.D. Student Group in the School of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Architecture, as a discipline, embodies various fields of knowledge. Architectural research derives from within its own discipline and diverges into an interdisciplinary domain. Divergence in architectural research implies that there is agency to expand the disciplinary boundary of architecture and produce new fields of knowledge emerging from within the architectural domain. It offers making new connections between different epistemological frameworks and transforms our knowledge of architecture into unanticipated forms. Divergent approaches to interdisciplinary research in architecture prepares scholars and researchers for shared contributions across a rich array of intellectual fields.

The goal of the PhD Symposium is to provide a supportive atmosphere for Ph.D. students at different stages in their research to present and receive feedback on their ongoing work.

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