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NEW BOOK: Making Architecture Through Being Human

Making Architecture Through Being Human: A Handbook of Design Ideas By Philip D. Plowright, Lawrence Technological University Making Architecture Through Being Human is a reference book that presents 51 concepts, notions, ideas and actions that are fundamental to human thinking and how we interpret the environment around us. The book focuses on the application of these ideas … Continue reading NEW BOOK: Making Architecture Through Being Human

Recent Books List

Here are some recent books on a range of subjects in architecture and architectural research recommended by ARCC.   Keith Diaz Moore Culture-Meaning-Architecture This collection of essays provides an integrated source for thinking in multiple disciplines on the issue of culture and its relationship with built form and hence, human environmental experience. Whether one is primarily … Continue reading Recent Books List

Author: Philip Plowright

Revealing Architectural Design examines the architectural design process from the point of view of knowledge domains, domain syntax, coherence, framing, thinking styles, decision-making and testing. Using straightforward language, the book connects general design thinking to underlying frameworks that are used in the architectural design process. The book provides historical grounding as well as clear examples … Continue reading Author: Philip Plowright