2013 Upjohn Call for Submissions (AIA research funding)

2013 Upjohn Call for Submissions


To provide base funds to be matched for applied research projects that advance the value of design and professional practice knowledge.


The AIA seeks proposals for research projects to be completed in an ~18-month period beginning December 1, 2013. The AIA will award up to four grants, between $15,000 and $30,000 each, for selected projects (awarded funds must be hard-dollar matched; a maximum of 10 percent of funds may be used for overhead). This grant qualifies recipients to have their findings and outcomes published both
electronically and in a nationally distributed publication.

Preference will be given to proposals that have teams comprised of both academics and practitioners. Also preferable are long records of team collaboration and a budget using less than the 10 percent maximum for overhead (i.e., indirect costs).

AIA Upjohn Research Context

Proposals that address the value of design, practice issues, or novel materials and methods of construction are welcome. The research ideally will relate to architectural knowledge within the Building Performance domain.

www.aia.org/practicing/akr/AIAB098205 (PDF)