2017-2018 Awards Cycle

First Call

Nominations for the 2018 ARCC Dissertation Award, the New Researcher Award, and the James Haecker Distinguished Leadership Award are due October 1st, 2017.

ARCC Dissertation Award

The ARCC Dissertation Award is offered for the best dissertation by a doctoral student from a member school. The award is intended to honor significant new research in architecture and environmental design and to recognize the achievement of an emerging scholar. Nomination instructions.

ARCC New Researcher Award

The ARCC New Researcher Award is offered to a member of an ARCC institution to recognize and reward emerging figures in architectural and environmental design research who demonstrate innovation in thinking, dedication in scholarship, contributions to the academy, and leadership within architectural and environmental design research. Nomination instructions.

ARCC James Haecker Distinguished Leadership Award

The ARCC James Haecker Award is awarded to individuals for distinguished leadership in architectural research. The award, named in honor of ARCC’s founding Executive Secretary, recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the growth of the research culture of architecture and related fields, including urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Nominees, therefore, should have demonstrated, whether in professional practice, academics, or service, a record of sustained and significant research leadership accomplishment at the national or international level. Nomination instructions.

Please direct questions to ARCC Awards Program Chair Erin Moore, moore2@uoregon.edu