ANFA John Paul Eberhard Fellowship

ANFA has created a Fellowship in the name of John Paul Eberhard, the organization’s founding president (and former director of AIA’s Research Corporation). This fellowship is established to encourage Masters & PhD students and Post Docs, of either Neuroscience or Architecture programs to undertake, in their projects, theses or dissertations, the research required to develop new knowledge at the interface of Neuroscience and Architecture and thus to contribute to a broader understanding of how bridges can be created between these two fields of creative human endeavor.

Application Requirements

Applicants must provide a detailed narrative of the research to be undertaken and the methods and experimental approaches to be used, as well as the anticipated application to architectural design. The application should include the following:

  1. Statement & proof of eligibility (see eligibility requirements).
  2. Project Abstract (250 words maximum)
  3. Project Description: background information that validates the area of investigation; objective of the study; the method and scope of work; expected types of data and results; and names, qualifications and roles of advisors & collaborators. (3 pages single spaced, maximum).
  4. CV/Bio of applicant
  5. Projected Budget (stipends, materials/equipment, experimental costs, etc.); total funds required & proof of matching funds if required to complete the project; preferred disbursement schedule for use of Fellowship funding.
  6. Three letters of academic recommendation, including a letter from the advisors, that include a description of the facilities that will be made available to carry out this project. Fellows will be expected to deliver the results of their investigations in a format acceptable to the Academy, suitable for addition to a searchable database as well as a presentation at the bi-annual ANFA Conference. Publication of the results is strongly encouraged.

Applications that meet the requirements defined above should be emailed to by 5:00 PM Pacific time on June 15th, 2018 .

Read more in the full application