ARCC-EAAE 2022 Best Paper and Poster Awards

The Councils of ARCC and EAAE are pleased to announce this year’s Best Research Paper and Best Research Poster awards.  ARCC-EAAE 2022 resulted in the presentation of 99 double-blind peer review papers and 41 research posters.  Congratulations to this year’s awardees!


Architecture students and community organization youth painting co-designed bench. Source: Zekos, 2015.

Erika Zekos, University of Massachusetts Amherst
“Critical Pedagogy and Public Interest Design: Transforming Architecture Design Education for Social Justice”

Honorable Mentions:
Armin Amirazar, Mona Azarbayjani, Maziyar Molavi, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
“Evaluating the Circadian-Effectiveness of Light through Personal Light Exposure Measurement: An Initial Test Using a Low-Cost and Wearable Spectrometer in Home-Office”

J. Phillip Gruen, Washington State University
“Discrimination and Design: Equity, Justice, and Architectural Education”

Nate Imai, Texas Tech University
“Building with Air: The Internet of Things (IoT) as a Pedagogical Tool for Design-Build Education”


Geometry of Building and Design Variables, Yuan Fang, Le Fan

Yuan Fang, Western Kentucky University and Le Fan,  China Academy of Building Research Institute
“Sensitivity Analysis and Multi-objective Optimization of Skylight in the Early Design Stage”

Honorable Mentions: 
Anjanaa Devi Srikanth, Chirag Hablani, Benny Chin Wei Chien, Thomas Schroepfer, Singapore University of Technology and Design
“Complexity Science-based Analysis of Sustainable Integrated Urban Districts”

Ulysses Vance, Temple University
“Modeling Healthfulness”