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2011 Incentive Fund Award – Major Award

Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design was awarded the major Incentive Fund Award of $2400 to support dissemination and dialogue of a research project focusing on school mechanical system types in context of student achievement. Associate professor Michael Ermann and PhD Candidate Ana Jaramillo will publish the results in several journals but, more critically, present the … Continue reading 2011 Incentive Fund Award – Major Award

2011 Incentive Fund Award – Minor Award

Lawrence Tech’s makeLab was awarded the $1200 minor Incentive Fund award to disseminate the knowledge of digital fabrication processes to the architecture community. The focus of this push to transfer knowledge closes a critical gap between theoretical aspects of digital fabrications and vocational techniques. Premise The collegiate level suffers from the absence of how-to publications. If … Continue reading 2011 Incentive Fund Award – Minor Award

2011 Haecker Award Winner

Lisa Heschong is a Managing Principal of the Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. and an internationally recognized expert on daylighting, lighting energy use, and human factors in building design. As a researcher, Ms. Heschong led the groundbreaking research that found a correlation between the presence of daylight in classrooms and improved student performance, and completed three … Continue reading 2011 Haecker Award Winner

2011 New Researcher Award Winners

The work of Dr. Rima Al Ajlouni, Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University, is exemplary in linking historical research to parametric design. Dr. Al Ajlouni is a leader in the study of quasi-crystalline formations which possess unique visual and structural properties. This work has led to the development of the first structural equation which has potential … Continue reading 2011 New Researcher Award Winners

2011 Best Paper Award

The best paper for the 2011 ARCC Architectural Research Conference was awarded to Michael D. Gibson of Kansas State University for his paper “Integrating geometry and light: daylight solutions through performance-based algorithms“. The full paper is available here. ABSTRACT: Designing spaces for daylight is a complex problem for architects, balancing geometry with the location of daylight sources. … Continue reading 2011 Best Paper Award