CriticalProductive V2.2: Autumn 2013: Beyond Curating

CriticalProductive is an independent biannual academic journal of architecture, urbanism, and cultural theory that covers progress, scholarship and design work on the city, processes and economies of urbanization, and the cultural issues that impact the representation and consumption of urbanity.

CriticalProductive V2.2: Autumn 2013

Beyond Curating

On whose authority is design work on the city screened, curated, installed, exhibited, and exposed to the larger public? The museum is just one of many venues where the public can examine built and speculative work on the city. Arts expositions and installations, film and media festivals, and biennials offer alternative venues for presenting and discussing urbanscale work. Curators adjudicate what the public sees and navigate the politics of the institutions they work for, whether these are museums, other cultural institutions, or independent nonprofits. CriticalProductive invites scholarship and creative work on the expanded role of curators (and curatorial thinking)—the problems and constraints they must
address, as well as potential opportunities. Is there sufficient public engagement with speculative work on the contemporary city? Do public exhibitions of work on the city reflect the diversity of the constituencies that they purport to represent?
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