AAA Drawing Competition

Drawing of the Year 2015 Competition

For the third year in a row, the Aarhus School of Architecture announces a competition aimed at students of architecture all over the world: “Drawing of the Year 2015”. The competition is launched in cooperation with schmidt hammer lassen architects, VOLA and The Danish Arts Foundation. The competition, which pays homage to architecture’s oldest tool, has “Sustainability through Architecture” as its theme. The Jury is composed of internationally recognized capacities. 

“As a media drawings can inspire, communicate and engage. Drawings can communicate thoughts and dreams. They can be tools for achieving clarity and understanding, and can thus be used for discussing and developing architectural ideas”, Rector Torben Nielsen explains.

Rector Torben Nielsen
Torben Nielsen


In choosing the theme “Sustainability through Architecture” the competition emphasizes the ways in which architecture can contribute to improving society and to changing the physical environment on all levels.

On Paper or in Digital Form

In the past paper was a necessity for architects to visualize their ideas and thoughts. Today, the computer is just as important for doing this. This is why drawings can be submitted on paper as well as in digital form. The only requirement is that the maximum size of drawings is 1×1 meters. The deadline for submitting entries is 12 November at 12.00 (noon), CET. After the deadline the jury can start their work. The jury consists of Kasper Heiberg Frandsen, Rector Torben Nielsen and two internationally renowned architects: Veronica Valk (Estonia) and Philippe Madec (France).

Exhibition and the Awarding of Prizes

From 11 December onwards the submitted drawings will be exhibited in the Aarhus School of Architecture exhibition building. Also the winners will be announced. The prizes awarded are: frist prize: EUR 5000, second prize: EUR 2000, third prize: EUR 1000.

Selected drawings will also be exhibited in Aarhus’ new library and urban media space: DOKK1.

In January Professor Walter Unterrainer and Austrian architects Jori Troy will hold a workshop at DOKK1 together with students from Studio Architecture and Resources (Aarhus School of Architecture). The theme will be ”Resilient Cities”, and some of the presentations and discussions of the workshop will be based on the exhibited drawings on the theme “Sustainability through Architecture”.

An Indispensable Tool

Thanks to our cooperation with Schmidt hammer lassen architects, VOLA and The Danish Arts Foundation it has been possible to launch this competition for the third year in a row. DOKK1 will help bring extra attention to the competition. We are very pleased with all the contributions and efforts that have been made. There is good reason to focus on drawings, they are an indispensable tool in the work of architects, both in terms of clarification, communication and presentation. We are very excited to see the material submitted by the students”, says Rector Torben Nielsen.

 Last year we received 172 entries form 32 countries.