Ideas on the Complexity of Border Landscapes

From Line to Landscape: The Irish Northwest Border Region
Gareth Doherty, Pol Fité Matamoros

A border is not a line, it is a landscape. And, to the extent to
which borders are landscapes, they mediate – and are produced
by – a myriad of interrelationships that span space, scale and time,
humans, animals and plant life, blurring the precision of political
lines and complicating the binaries that too often define them.
Taking a ‘landscape approach’ to border territories is a productive
conceptual and methodological manoeuvre to critically interrogate
and design in such contested, politicised and increasingly topical
contexts. But what does it mean to take a ‘landscape approach’
to a border context, and specifically the Ireland/Northern Ireland
border which has been such an integral part of the British political
landscape from partition in 1921–2, through to the discussions over
the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union?

Special Issue: The Landscapists : Redefining Landscape Relations
AD: Architectural Design_Vol. 90, Issue 1: Wiley Press, 2020 (ed. Ed Wall)

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