President's Letter, September 2012

Dear ARCC colleagues,

It is a great honor to have been elected as President of ARCC and I look forward to your ideas on how ARCC may better forward its commitment to the expansion of the research culture and a supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines. Michael Kroelinger (Arizona State) leaves difficult shoes to fill as ARCC as seen tremendous growth and advancement as an organization during his time at the helm. I am glad he continues to serve as our Past-President.

One of the advantages I have as incoming President is that the ARCC executive committee has such wonderfully insightful and hardworking members. Michelle Rinehart (Catholic University of America) has been an active board member of ARCC and is now serving ably as Vice-President. Michelle and I have known each other for longer than either of us would care to divulge, and I look forward to her wise council. Barbara Klinkhammer (University of Tennessee) was elected Treasurer, taking over the position from Steve Weeks (University of Minnesota) who served as ARCC Treasurer with distinction for many years. Barbara has an effervescent personality that I am sure will energize the board. Luckily, Leonard Bachman (University of Houston) continues to serve as the organization’s secretary, providing us a steady hand during transition. The Board also welcomes Christopher Jarrett (UNC-Charlotte) as an at-large Board Member, joining Aron Temkin (Norwich University), Hazem RashedAli (University of Texas-San Antonio) and Philip Plowright (Lawrence Technological University), while thanking Michel Mounyar (Ball State University) as he cycles off the board after giving so much spirit and direction to the organization over the past decade. Collectively, we thank Michel and Steve for their yeoman efforts and while we are saddened to see them go, we move forward and embrace the urgency of our era to forward ARCC’s mission, so critical to the further development of our discipline and our profession.

One of our core efforts at expanding the research culture is this newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to share information about how many of our member schools and programs are focusing their research efforts. Our intent is to galvanize innovation and collaboration through such networking. We encourage each member organization to share the outstanding work that is occurring within each member organization.

The newsletter is also intended to highlight opportunities such as conferences and workshops to share and become inspired. Two future research conferences to note include the fast-approaching 2012 ARCC/EAAE Conference which will be held in Milan, Italy during June of 2012, and the 2013 ARCC Research Conference which will be hosted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte both of which have additional information in this newsletter.

Again, I am humbled to serve as your President but I know with such a great and able team and with your continued efforts, ARCC will continue to increase its effectiveness in nurturing the research culture within architecture and its related disciplines.

Keith Diaz Moore, PhD, AIA (University of Kansas)

ARCC President