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Top 200 Periodicals in the Scholarship of Architecture

This link or the QR code should access an Excel spreadsheet of (arguably) the top periodicals and conferences in architecture, interior architecture, and industrial design.

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The University of Houston College of Architecture faculty put together a list to annually evaluate their college’s three degree programs. Leonard Bachman, a professor at UHCoA wrote:

“The list started with SCImago’s scientific journal ranking (the 2 year citation data is identical to impact rating). The AASL (librarians) list is added in either “essential” or “supplemental” rank. Finally, the Australian Research Council’s A*, A, B, C ranked list was used. To those seeds we added all the journals the faculty could argue for. Note on the ranked list that there is lots of agreement about the top half of the list.”

They considered the conference list differently since, “No one can really claim there are not plenty of good places to publish in architecture.”

The conference list is unranked, but it is useful for comparing your publication to others on the list in order to validate your work. This part will only be listed by topic focus and level of peer review. Bachman suggests using Google Scholar to track citations for work published in recent years.


Some useful websites for researching periodicals:

WorldCat (or see your library‘s database of indexes)
Ulrich’s (see your library’s database)