University of Maryland Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studio Pedagogy: Civic Engagement on Climate Change Studio

For the last year and half students from the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture and the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation have been working in an interdisciplinary pilot studio that explores the value of civic engagement on anticipatory design approaches to climate change impact. Directed by Assistant Professors Victoria Chanse, PhD. and Luis Diego Quiros and PhD student Kevin Adams, the studio addresses the larger question of how to involve the human dimension in developing adaptation responses to this uncertain process. As part of the research, students work with community members to develop different scenarios and design visualizations to evaluate alternative anticipatory strategies. So far, the studio has worked on sites located in Cambridge, MD, and this semester will be working with the community of North Beach, MD. The Studio has been funded through awards from the University of Maryland College Park NSF ADVANCE Interdisciplinary and Engaged Research seed grant program and the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, and donations from the communities and its results are expected to offer potential clues as to how towns can prepare community members to understand and deal with the possible environmental changes.