ARCC Announces the Award Recipients of the 2021 Awards Program

The Board of Directors of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium announces its 2021 Awards in support of recognizing and advancing state-of-the-art research in architecture and related design fields. Many thanks to all of our nominees, their colleagues and member institutions for all that they do to support our shared vision of advancing the culture and production of architectural research.

For a full description of the awards and recipients, please click here:
Press Release_2021 ARCC Awards Program

ARCC James Haecker Award for Distinguished Leadership in Architectural Research
Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University

ARCC Mary Kihl Distinguished Service Award
Michael D. Kroelinger, Arizona State University

ARCC Mid-Career Research Impact Award
Mira (Mimi) Locher, University of Utah

ARCC Book Award
Dana Gulling, North Carolina State University
Julia Williams Robinson, University of Minnesota

ARCC New Researcher Award
Siobhan Rockcastle, University of Oregon 

ARCC Dissertation Award
Nastaran Shishegar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ARCC Research Incentive Award
Lynne M. Dearborn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
José P. Duarte, Elena Vazquez, Pennsylvania State University
Matan Mayer, IE University