Post-Doc at the University of Kansas Awarded AAUW International Fellowship

Intisar Ameen Tyne, Post-Doc, University of Kansas

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) awarded its 2020-21 International Fellowship to Intisar Ameen Tyne of Bangladesh. Tyne is a graduate student in mental health care architecture at the University of Kansas School of Architecture & Design.

“The AAUW fellowship will help to understand the vast gap between the available psychiatric resources in Bangladesh and the actual need of patients that requires immediate attention,” Tyne said.

Most recently, Tyne is lead author on “Impact of Visibility on Healthcare Workers Hand Hygiene Behavior: A Comparative Case Study of Two Nursing Unit in an Academic Medical Center,” published by EDRA.

Tyne plans to focus on the gender-based disparities in Bangladeshi mental hospitals. Currently, she is working on the historical development of colonial mental hospitals under the supervision of Dr. Mahbub Rashid, professor of architecture.

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