TAD Journal: Call for Papers in Upcoming ‘Open’ Issue

TECHNOLOGY | ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN (TAD) invites submissions of original research from scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students for consideration in the upcoming OPEN issue. Deadline is June 15, 2020.

Research methods are a developing area of interest in the built environment and OPEN to discussion. Methods are part of our intellectual, social and institutional contexts. Methodological choice often relates to the philosophical position of the researcher and the phenomenon under analysis. This is to say, closer consideration tells us that methods can be distinct from the aims and products of the research, such as prediction and knowledge. Methods are also different from the epistemic communities that inform the values and justifications of the research aims, such as reproducibility or objectivity and the use of a specific method or its evaluation. Methods cannot wholly be derived from the places, problems, phenomena, disciplines, technologies or conventions and professional habits associated with research; there is a specific, rather than general integrity of methods based on the practices of the researcher, the place, and the type of research being done.

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