Two NSF Sessions Addressing Funding, Communications and Strategies at ARCC 2021

11:30am-12:15pm MST/PDT, Thursday April 8th
NSF Grant Success Information Session
Moderator: Rahman Azari, Pennsylvania State University
Lawrence Bank, Research Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology

A presentation by Larry Bank of Georgia Tech describing the process for securing an NSF grant, from communications with NSF Program Directors to qualifications, impact and proposal submission. Q&A session to folow.

11:30am-12:15pm MST/PDT, Friday April 9th
Initiative to Develop Dedicated NSF Funding for the Discipline of Architecture
Moderator: Hazem Rashed-Ali, University of Texas at San Antonio
Lawrence Bank, Georgia Institute of Technology
Hazem Rashed-Ali, ARCC Past-President, University of Texas at San Antonio
Chris Jarrett, ARCC President, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Introduction to an ARCC initiative to secure dedicated NSF funding for faculty in the discipline of architecture, including identifying community need and basic science questions. Q&A session to follow.